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Bubble and Squeak with Wow Wow Sauce

I’m not a fan of boiled cabbage and potatoes but I do like cabbage and potatoes prepared other ways, like Bubble and Squeak. The first time I had Bubble and Squeak was at The King’s Arm Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg, … Continue reading

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Irish Soda Bread–A Different Version

It’s time for St. Patrick’s Day and most people think of the traditional (American inspired) corned beef with boiled vegetables…cabbage, potatoes and carrots. After having this traditional dinner for St. Patrick’s Day for many years I decided it was time … Continue reading

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Doughnut Plant – NYC

I’ve never been a big fan of doughnuts.  It doesn’t matter whether doughnuts are cake or yeast  I just don’t stop for doughnuts or buy them in the grocery store.  Now that’s a much different story when it comes to … Continue reading

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Oatcakes or Scones? What have I been baking all these years?

Silly me.  As a kid my next door neighbor, who was from the southern coast of England, used to bake traditional British delights.  One of my favorites was a cake like cookie she used to call oat cakes, which had … Continue reading

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