Most of my free time is spent talking about food, wine and beer and now I can talk with all my friends both old and new in one easy format….No Plain Jane’s Kitchen food blog.  I’ll be blogging about my food adventures.  So you can expect to see great recipes that I’ve developed or tried, what I found in old cookbooks, my trips which always include food, my friends who are foodies, winos, and hop heads, and other adventures yet to be discovered!!

So please come on this adventure with me.  Come back often, leave a message with your thoughts, and comments  and most importantly ENJOY!

I have been a foodie since I was a little child.  My family enjoyed great meals because my mom was a good cook. But my family was little unusual because we would drive great distances for dinners like driving from Central New Jersey to Baltimore to eat at a now defunct restaurant named Housner’s.  On Good Friday we always drove over to Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay to eat seafood at Lundy’s.  It was at Lundy’s that I developed my taste for lobster, clams on the half shell, and shrimp…not to mention their great little biscuits.

It wasn’t only restaurants that put my family in the car for long drives, we were always venturing out to food markets and farmer’s stands .  Many days were spent driving to Pennsylvania to the farmer’s markets in Lancaster, Reading and Philadelphia.  Sundays during the fall would find us driving around New Jersey buying my favorite variety of apples (Northern Spy) as well as going to cider presses.

Fast forward many years and I am still in love with food adventures.  I have enjoyed many phenomenal food experiences and what amazes most people is the detail with which I remember those experiences.  The romantic dinners with my husband overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge at Cellars in the Sky on top of the World Trade Center, dinner at Joseph Phelps winery prepared by the chef of the 21 Club, dinner at the French Laundry, or eating kangaroo in the Barossa Valley of Australia… I remember all of the details!

I have a very bad habit of buying cookbooks, well lets just say,I am addicted to buying cookbooks. One of my interests, which I’ll bring to the blog, is my love of reading old cookbooks and discovering what is old is new again…or what is old was lost.  So you’ll see on a regular basis postings about what I found reading old books, the recipes, ingredients, social aspects of food, etc.

I no longer live on the east coast but consider myself “bi-mountain” that is I live on both sides of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Utah.  While many people think it is impossible to bake at elevations I have found it easy and when I post recipes that need to be adjusted for elevation I will note the formula for elevation as well as sea level.


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  1. suzy says:

    Just got around to taking a peek at your blog. How fun! I am about as far from being a foodie as one could get, but I know I will still enjoy the recipes and tips. Best of luck with it.

    • Jane says:

      Thank you Suzy I’m glad you like the blog. I think you enjoy the next post about baking at altitude and how I totally screwed up a recipe this week for basic cookies this week.

  2. Mimi says:

    LOVE the french onion soup idea…it’s on our list for sure.
    And I really like your approach to recipe’s, all the little tips help!
    Hope to see your smiling face soon…

  3. Looking at your about page: well done! Even if I did not know you, it would be a great description of you blog. HOwever, since I know you – I feel as though we are having a chat about what you are up to,. Keep up the good work. Jaxon

  4. Nancy Seeland says:

    Hi Jane,
    Finally got around to viewing your website — Wow! It’s impressive. And, thought I was looking at a picture of you and then realized it’s your daughter. She’s 21 and Amanda just turned 18.
    “Talk to you soon”

  5. HI Jane:
    I happened upon your blog from Front Range Bloggers group – glad to know a fellow food blogger!

    • Jane says:

      I am not a consistent blogger. I mainly do this to keep a record of my food adventures. Food is such an important part of my life and keeping this blog/my journal is a great way to chronicle the adventures.

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