Welcome to No Plain Jane’s Kitchen

Most of my free time is spent talking about food, wine and beer and now I can talk with all my friends both old and new in one easy format….No Plain Jane’s Kitchen food blog.  I’ll be blogging about my food adventures.  So you can expect to see great recipes that I’ve developed or tried, what I found in old cookbooks, my trips which always include food, my friends who are foodies, winos, and hop heads, and other adventures yet to be discovered!!

So please come on this adventure.  Come back often, leave a message with your thoughts, and comments  and most importantly ENJOY!

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3 Responses to Welcome to No Plain Jane’s Kitchen

  1. John Augustine says:

    Hi Jane,

    My wife, Nancy Augustine told me at dinner last night that she knows someone who is more of a foody than me!

    I’ll now be enjoying your blog and eating/tempting my way through your recipes.

    John Augustine
    fellow foody

    • Jane says:

      I feel like I have known you for years John. Nancy has talked about how much you love food and how much she appreciates your cooking. I wish we could have met during the time Nancy and I worked together. Please enjoy the blog and let me know your ideas!!

  2. Hi Jane, I recently learned a good lesson: When making a simple cake, using buttermilk, it baked with fairly large holes thoughout the layer. As I problem solved, I remembered the buttermilk was unusally thick (the half full carton had been given to me by a friend empenting out her frige). I should have picked up on the issue when filling the cake pan and seeing how thick the batter was.
    Solution I can have made in using the too thick buttermilk: added a bit of water or milk before adding to the batter. I learn something each day. Jaxon

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